Next Generation International Coding and Engineering (NICE) School and College is going to start STEAM based English Medium education for first time in Bangladesh from July 2019.The teaching curriculum is prepared in such a way so that the students can be self-motivated and will not require private tutor or parent’s help at home. All lessons are attractive, hands on teaching and full of fun. The application of coding and Robotics in teaching method by the trained and skilled teacher will grow interest among the students. The Air conditioned class room coupled with interesting and informative decoration will keep the student attentive during the class. All the lessons will be taught practically. and with real scenario with the help of Lap Top provided by the school during class. In the process of learning the students will be taught how to investigate, discover, connect, create and reflect the topics. Besides, there will be Smart Board in every class room, Robotic Lab, computer Lab and a rich Library. We will ensure ‘everyone is doing it’ and will be given ‘one-to-one’ extra tuition, if needed. The home work submission will be through on line from the home. During home work if a student is stuck up, he will be able to seek assistant from teacher. Assessment system will be apps based. All students have to be a member of at least one club out of a number of clubs. Besides, we will ensure the practice of morale, values and ethics to produce a student as a good human being in the society. The security of class room and campus is covered by CC Camera and adequate firefighting safety measures has been taken based on the advice from appropriate authority. Each section will consist of 20 students and two teachers will always be present in the class room . The School is located of prime location of UTTARA at:

House # 28, Road # 18, Sector-3, Uttara, Dhaka.